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Salad with Fish Fillet


El Batán Restaurant is a Peruvian restaurant located in Hickory, NC. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most authentic and delicious Peruvian cuisine. We use our traditional cooking techniques to create dishes that are full of flavor and will transport you to the streets of Peru.


Come and experience the taste of Peru at El Batán Restaurant.

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The Peruvian fulling stone or maray is a lithic object used to grind food in Peru..jpg

What is “El Batán”?

El Batáan is one of the most emblematic pre-hispanic tools of Peruvian Cuisine

A thousand-year-old batán is a key part of our gastronomy. Its success lies in the right mix of ingredients and spices.

A hollowed-out table made of smooth river stone is where the ingredients are placed and another stone in the shape of a half-moon which fits into this hollow and which serves to grind the ingredients in their most natural state

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
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